Your Property is your biggest investment. Take the steps you need to protect yourself.

You can’t always check to ensure that your Title is protected; we can. Let us help you reduce the risk of Title Fraud and Mortgage Fraud that can happen to you if it isn’t.


Residential Title

A home is often the largest financial investment that a person will make. Don’t risk all that time and energy without ensuring you made every effort to protect it. Our Title Protect Service System works to provide you protection to stop Title Fraud before it happens. 

Commercial Title

Title Fraud has grown more sophisticated. It often involves using fraudulent corporate identity information, typically obtained through public Corporate Information Services provided by Government Agencies. Our Title Protect Service System ensures that no one can use that information against your corporation or commercial property.  

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is reactive and not proactive. It only provides coverage from Title Fraud if you purchased an Owner Title Insurance Policy when you bought your home. Most lawyers only purchase a lender policy which only protects the bank from fraud, but not you. Our Title Protect Service System is a proactive supplement to Title Insurance. 

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